About Kandid Kittens

I started Kandid Kittens because I wanted create a website that wasn’t nothing but hardcore porn and all nude. I think it’s sexier and hotter to see a woman teasing than it is to see her completely nude for the whole set. Upskirts, short shorts, leggings, downblouse, and nip slips are more provocative and naughty because most of the time you weren’t meant to see it especially outdoors. And that’s what makes it so hot, who doesn’t check out the chick with her ass hanging out of her shorts or wearing the see-thru leggings. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nude, so I also sprinkled some of that in my website as well. But I try to make the girls get naked outdoors and who doesn’t want to see that when they’re strolling thru the park. I also decided that I wouldn’t want to charge too much because a good niche website shouldn’t be expensive. So I hope you enjoy and come back for more. Thanks, Mike.

The mind is the most erotic organ in the human body.